I see myself as a colorist and an abstract-expressionist creating mixed media self portraits of the soul, Soulscapes.
Looking back my series of paintings are like an odyssey, an inner quest. I noticed my works unravel the mystery of life. Through my work I discovered an unknown part of me: being free, no rules, imperfect and unpolished. When I paint images appear without a plan, in dialogue with my canvas, in an organic way. Always in motion, it never stops. Often I am dancing during the process. Led by the music and colours I let coincidence take place, a magical experience.

I love exploring colours, textures and techniques like pouring, dripping and action painting. It’s always an adventure. I enjoy to play with contrasts: thick layers and transparency, light and dark, explosive and serene.
Colours are very important for me. During my lessons in expressive art I learnt about the power they have. They all have their own frequency like music notes. Their influence is interesting and impressive.

The four elements Water, Fire, Earth and Air keep inspiring me. I often stroll along the North Sea coast to collect materials to use like sand, wood and rope. It emphasizes my strong connection with nature. Through my work I am in a constant transformation and transition process which makes the journey fascinating and insightful. Main themes are Flow and Connection. My work is an invitation to feel and maybe experience the messages that lay hidden inside. I try to be authentic, be myself. I call it the Liberty of letting go.

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